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Interested in having Princeton Bhangra at your next event? Contact our captains Kavi Jain and Harjot Sidhu at bhangra@princeton.edu.

Princeton Bhangra dancers have been trained to execute each dance move precisely and gracefully all while incorporating speed and power.  Our dancers have a wide variety of experience, which includes teaching workshops, performing at private parties, and dancing on stage in front of thousands.  We would love to work with you and create a routine tailored to your individual needs.

“My experience with Princeton Bhangra from start to end was nothing short of professional.”

“My experience with Princeton Bhangra from start to end was nothing short of professional.  We asked Princeton Bhangra to perform for a Fundraiser where we were raising money to support the women and children with HIV/AIDS in South India.  We had over 300 guests at the Gala and every single audience member enjoyed the performance as well as the lesson they offered when the dance floor opened.  They arrived ahead of time to get dressed, they started promptly on time and put on a spectacular show for all to enjoy.  Their moves were original and a fusion between traditional Bhangra to modern contemporary moves.  After their performance, they came back on the dance floor to teach our guests how to move like them.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being taught by them.” – Vaishali Rathod, Board Member, South Asian Pharmaceutical Council (May 2014)

“They’re charismatic, talented performers and we’ll absolutely have them back.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of Princeton Bhangra. They’ve performed three times in Forbes this year, once this fall with the BAC and twice this spring for Princeton Preview. We keep asking them back because they are absolutely thrilling to watch—they manage to pull off complicated, perfectly synchronized choreography while at the same time conveying such an overwhelming sense of joy and freedom of movement. It’s an uplifting experience–the music is gorgeous, the costumes are handmade (in India) with painstaking detail in a rainbow of colors, and the dancers fly around the stage grinning happily through the whole routine. I just adore them. The team is also well-organized and highly professional—very easy to work with. At each of their performances at Forbes this year, they’ve done an interactive segment with the audience, teaching them moves with great patience and good humor. The audience loves this—I’ve been repeatedly surprised by the way that the dancers can get almost everyone in attendance up and learning the steps! They’re charismatic, talented performers and we’ll absolutely have them back at Forbes.” – Lyra Plumer, Forbes College, Princeton University  – Dance Workshop (December 2011), Performances and Workshop (April 2012)

“The bright costumes and choreography were fantastic…!”

“The whole group demonstated terrific patience and graciousness through multiple rehearsals and a long night on the day of the show.  Of all the feedback I’ve heard [of the Aspire Gala], there have been more mentions of Princeton Bhangra than any other part of the show. The bright costumes and choreography were fantastic, but the joy with which [Princeton Bhangra] performed made an even bigger impact, infusing the audience with the ideal mood for celebration! I could not have imagined better and I can’t wait to work with you again!” -Tom Quirk, Associate Director for Donor Engagement, Princeton University – Aspire Benefit Gala Performance (October 2012)

“Both shows were outstanding. The music and costumes were brilliant.”

“Princeton Bhangra performed twice this spring as part of our Princeton Preview line up.  Both shows were outstanding.  The music and costumes were brilliant.  [They were] very responsive to our requests in terms of scheduling the performances and other details.   The dance performance was very well received by the students and attracted a good crowd.  Another highlight was the personal interaction with students when the troupe invited members of the audience up to participate in an interactive dance lesson at the conclusion of the performance.  We plan to ask Princeton Bhangra to perform for this program again next year.” – Patrick Caddeau, Forbes College, Princeton University – Performances and Workshops (April 2012)

“Princeton Bhangra is absolutely brilliant bhangra!”

“Each dancer in Princeton Bhangra has a unique background and story yet each stays true to the heritage and culture of Bhangra.  The talents and abilities of the dances go far beyond the stage and extend into the very hearts of the audience! Princeton Bhangra is absolutely brilliant bhangra!” – Shikha Uberoi, Client – Birthday Party (February 2011)